Black, Single and Ready to Mingle at 30 Pt2

In this episode I am back in the hot seat speaking to Naomi about all things dating, relationships, marriage and sex. The laughter is contagious and the questions come in thick and fast. Please be sure to refrain from listening to this episode with a younger audience as adult themes and explicit language is used…… Continue reading Black, Single and Ready to Mingle at 30 Pt2

Black, Single and Ready to Mingle at 30 pt1

This fun episode will definitely give you some light relief after a very testing year! This Outspoken October segment focused on the trials and tribulations of dating in your 30s and beyond. I sat down with one of my besties, Naomi, to speak on all things dating, relationships, marriage, sex and more! Explicit language and…… Continue reading Black, Single and Ready to Mingle at 30 pt1

Queer, Black and Proud pt2 As we return to this transparent and inclusive candid conversation, Nena and I continue our open dialogue about the lgbtq+ community and ways in which mental health can be dealt with in order to move forward progressively even in the midst of feeling oppressed. Let’s Talk When did you come out to your friends…… Continue reading Queer, Black and Proud pt2

Queer, Black and Proud Pt1 What does it mean to be Black, Queer and proud in Britain? In this insightful episode I sat down with my cousin Nena, Founder of Crown Mi Ltd, to discuss her experiences and revelations as a Black queer woman. In addition to this, we touched upon mental health, both inside and outside the scope…… Continue reading Queer, Black and Proud Pt1

I Miss The Peace of Mind

Stillness washes over me as I lay on our dimpled bed sheets, looking at the faded cracked line on the ceiling. Thoughts travel to and fro in my mind, back and forth blurring into one another. All thoughts drenched in the feelings attached to You. How you moved. How you smiled. How we would laugh…… Continue reading I Miss The Peace of Mind

This Is My Foundation

This is my foundation. My source of inner strength. My direct line to all that is good in my life. My family. My joy. My peace. My home. To think that this world does not see them for who they are. To know that my children will have to encounter the hatred that penetrates the…… Continue reading This Is My Foundation

Black Love. Black Magic.

You love me with a magic that cannot be dispelled. You fill me up with beauty. Leaving traces of your wonder behind in the twilight of my brown eyes. Breathless moments that trail in the airless skies. You capture me. My soul crying out to yours in your absence. You love me fiercely. Your lion’s…… Continue reading Black Love. Black Magic.

The Race of a Different Love

the ease of the breezewhispered soft nothings into my milky eargliding down an open path to nowherein a crowded nightclub roomour eyes meet suddenlyyet muted dialogue resumesinstant attraction & lustful mindswe brush past each otherour skin energising one anothernow intertwined in a silent dancelocked in by our eyestwo perfectly form strangertwo different shades of hue&…… Continue reading The Race of a Different Love