Black British Writing Pt2 Following up from part 1 Rineya Umran Ka and I continue the wonderful conversation about being a Black British writer. In this episode we discuss aspects of trauma and how writing acts as a bridge between people, demographic and/or experiences. Parallel to this we speak on how Black literature often centers around traumatic experiences…… Continue reading Black British Writing Pt2

Connecting With Self Learning to connect with Self can seem like an uphill battle at times, but it does not have to be this way. Join Kloveism and I as we explore the what “the work” looks and feels like, our personal journeys of self-acceptance, self-love and much much more. From meditating to mastery oracle cards, Klove…… Continue reading Connecting With Self

Black British Writing Pt1

In this amazing episode titled Black British Writing, Rineya Umran Ka and myself delve into how our writing journey has shaped us, helped us heal old wounds and investigate the world around us. For both of us writing has been our saving grace, not only has it reminded us of our strengths it has also…… Continue reading Black British Writing Pt1

The Art of Journaling With writing being one of my favourite interests, I could not do a talk that did not centre around the importance of journaling. In this episode, I take the opportunity to speak to Leanne Lindsey, a life/wellness coach and journaling advocate. This candid conversation, opened up the virtual floor to those who are regular…… Continue reading The Art of Journaling

Remember the Days

Little Black girls playing Running Out on hot summers days, in a playground made of redbrick stone and rusty metal swings. Cliques forming to make a new dance routine to the soothing sounds of Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes. Beaming smiles radiate on the various brown faces. Childhood innocence layered with feeling like…… Continue reading Remember the Days

Sunday Hymn For My Inner Child

It is easy to forget yourself in the midst of everything that is happening around you and to you. It sometimes feels impossible to let everything be what is it. To let things settle on the earth and set new roots. To hear your thoughts. To exhale. It is when seasons change that we find…… Continue reading Sunday Hymn For My Inner Child

You Gon’ Learn Today

You wanted me to learn, but you couldn’t take the time to teach me what was important. I listened to speeches filled with fillers and flash starts. I heard the tainted testimonies of those who wrote the history books. I wrote down timeliness that had gaps beyond measure. But what did I learn? How to…… Continue reading You Gon’ Learn Today

A Snippet of a Mother’s Love

I carried you with me. Within the fragile walls of my heart and the cavity of my uterus. A space of healing and comfort. I felt your kicks. I cooed over your subtle strokes along the lining of my tummy. I waited impatiently for your arrival into my physical world. The world in which I…… Continue reading A Snippet of a Mother’s Love