Sister Circle Membership

launching in august 2021

Our Sister Circle provides women of colour with a space that allows for them to truly come as they are. With daily resources of writing practices and talking therapies being poured into this private community of sisterhood means that you are never at a loss for new ways to explore and unpack your mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical state-of-being. In addition to this you will have access to our bi-monthly Ladies Night events, which consist of part “doing the work” and part fun littered with transparent candid conversations.

This is an exclusive service, therefore, to become a Sister Circle member an small and avoidable investment of £20.00 per month is required.

That is less than your favourite Starbucks order per week!

Please Note: To use this service you will be required to download the Telegram app which is FREE. The link below will automatically take you to our NPN Telegram account in which you will be required to have a brief video call with our Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Nadine, to verify your identification, as this is a space for Black/Brown women only, as well as to determine if this group is in alignment with your wellbeing needs.

Soul Session Workshops


Each monthly Soul Session workshop will consist of an array holistic task/person-centered content that will have you evaluating and empowering the woman that you are today.

From discussing topics such as needs, goals and manifestation to understanding/overcoming anxieties, self-mastery work and more, these intimate sessions will have you digging a little deeper into who you are, what is truly serving you and how to reach that next level in your personal development journey. The beauty of these workshops is that it gives you the freedom to work at your own pace once the session is done, as well as an opportunity to feel supported by your fellow sistas through the sharing of lived experiences.

Where necessary downloadable resources will be delivered via email prior to that specific Soul Session, so please make sure you have provided the correct email address when submitting your interest.

Soul Sessions are for those women who…

Want to build up their confidence/self-esteem

Desire to tap into their intuition

Struggle with creating and maintaining boundaries

Are seeking new techniques that enhance growth

Want to advocate for themselves unapologetically

Want to experience more ease and less discomfort in their day-to-day

Are striving to increase their self-awareness and self-love

‘I Am She’ Course


We all require a sisterhood that holds us, sees us and hears us without judgement, ridicule and/or mistrust. I Am She offers women of colour, like yourself, a chance to consistently partake in a four week course that navigates you through the following:

Revisiting the Old Me

Embracing Self

Prioritizing Self

Beyond Today

This journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-care and self-love will provide you with a new sense of confidence, the ability to advocate for yourself in various settings, a better understanding of who you are and where you can potentially be moving forward to, PLUS tools to implement a more harmonious self-care routine.

This course is for an intimate group of up to 10 women of colour; each session will last for 90 minutes (including a break interval). All necessary documentation will be forward via email.

1:1 NPN Coaching


The beauty of our 1:1 NPN Coaching sessions is that it is a collaborative experience. This service allows for your to fully immerse yourself into acknowledging, affirming and accepting the woman that you were, are and will be.

Our 1:1s service gives you an opportunity to delve into areas of empathy, openness, grounding and awareness whilst feeling held by the guidance of our Intuitive Empowerment Coach. The integrative coaching style used permits both you and our facilitator to unpack your needs in an effective and entrusted way.

what can you expect

Directive questioning to gently challenge and reframe perspectives

Attention to used language to redefine understandings

Elements of role play exercises

Techniques to reinforce being present

Wellbeing homework

what 1:1 sessions consist of

x1 20 minutes Alignment Assessment Call

x6 60 minutes weekly 1:1 NPN Coaching sessions

x1 30 minutes Reflective Follow-Up Call

Writing resources (outside of notepad)

Contact Us

We love to hear from our community. If you want to have your say connect with us on social media/email us with your testimonials and feedback.

“You display nothing but excellence Nadine! Your energy radiates for sure, I am glad to be a part of such an empowering and supportive space.”

Sister Circle Member