Terms & Conditions

NPN Website

Content on this website is for entertainment and educational purposes. It focuses on themes which center around Blackness, the Black experience and Black womanhood. The various content provided will occasionally describe scenes of nudity, strong language and some issues that may be triggering for some, therefore, it is at parents/guardians/carers discretion if they wish for persons under the age of 16 to view content shared on this platform.

NPN Services & Products

All guidance provided is subject to your own interpretation, thereby purchasing any service(s) means you are agreeing that any information/guidance/coaching provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, and/or business advice.

By using NPN services (including Sister Circle and social media platforms) you claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of the guidance/resources given and presented.

Please Note: It is the clients/customers responsibility to disclose any knowledge of any mental health diagnosis(es) as well as medication administered so an informed decision is made with the choice of service(s) bought/provided; and to determine if NPN service(s) brought/provided are suitable in meeting clients needs.

Privacy & Safety

We do not share any information with third parties. NPN does not store credit card or payment information and all transmissions of sensitive data are made with a secure encrypted connection. 

In booking/purchasing/partaking in group or 1:1 session(s) you acknowledge and agree to these conditions.

Privacy & Safety

NPNarratives content is forbidden to be used without permission granted by owner or without crediting the owner. NPNarratives content is also forbidden to be used by external bodies for commercial use and monetization purposes. This applies to freebies that are provided via NPNarratives website, social media platforms and/or alternative NPNarratives affiliations. All content used (excluding of stock images sourced from Canva) are owned by NPNarratives.


Why should I choose your services?

You should choose my services is because what I deliver is founded and drench with you, as a woman in colour, in mind. I do my due diligence in researching, testing and creating resources/content that meets the objectives and exceeds the desired outcomes. From the feedback (see selection of testimonials on home page gallery) that I have received over the past year of operating as a business speaks for itself. At present I have a 100% success rate which pertains to those who have had seasonal support and guidance or are part of our long-term services.

Do you offer payment plans?

At present I do not offer payment plans for all services, it is something that I will look into in the near future.

What payment methods do you accept?

Monetary transactions are required to be made by Standing order for Sister Circle membership and BACS for workshops, courses and 1:1 Intuitive Coaching sessions.

Are your services refundable?

Any purchases (services and products) made are non-refundable. Please refer to issued NPN Contractual Agreement (sent via email) when pertaining to specific courses/workshops/1:1 services. However, I am more than happy to transfer your payment towards alternative services with gift card for amount paid.

Do you do speaking events?

I am open to doing speaking events if the right opportunity presents itself. I am happy to partaken panel discussions, company wellbeing training days/consultancy as well as speaking engagements at educational institutions. I do charge for my time – request more information for my services here.

Do you do collaborations with others?

Yes, once again if the energy and values/vision is in alignment on both side, I am more than open to sharing spaces with other individuals/communities/organisations. In order to collaborate with me I do request to have a 30 mins meeting via zoom/face-to-face in order to discuss the details before making a decision to commit to the cause.