Podcast Interview – ‘Word of Mouth’ (hosted by Rio Merrix)

In todays episode, I sit down with my friend, Nadine Plummer. Founder and creator of NPNARRATIVES, a space where women can come and share in safe (virtual) setting to practice all things wellbeing, self worth and self acceptance. Using techniques such as journal prompts, affirmations and wellbeing courses (+ lots more). Today we talk about the depth of sisterhood, including what it means to distinguish the differences between cliques and tribes, what makes for the solid foundation of female friendships, and if we, as women truly can be happy for one another in times of celebration and personal success. Sit down with us as we discuss everything from internal trauma, how levelling up in in life can change the dynamic of friendships, knowing when its time to leave the group chat- and let go, and delving into why it may be harder for women of colour to build fear free sisterhood relationships. It really was an absolute pleasure getting to sit down with Nadine, and have this conversation. – it’s one you don’t want to miss!

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By Nadine Plummer

An Intuitive Coach who provides therapeutic writing practices/talking therapies to aid women of colour personal development. Through sisterhood and person-centered approaches Nadine Plummer is able to help her clients heal, grow and thrive collectively and individually.