Creativity, Writing and Self-Publishing

This episode of Outspoken October explores the world’s of being a creativity whilst mothering, writing as a way of expression and connection as well as the glories and pitfalls of self-publishing with the self-love advocate Charm.

This candid conversation speaks on having a dream of fulfilling it whilst being a mother and wife and in addition to this how to show yourself self-love when pursuing your dreams. This talk is on that will leave you feeling motivated, but to sure to have a pen and paper at the ready because you’ll definitely want to take notes!

To connect with Charm head over to her Instagram page, and for more insight into the concept of self-love go to amazon to purchase Charm’s first book called The Self-Love Strategy today.

Let’s Talk

Do you have a book that you want to get out into the literary landscape? What is it about? Will you self-publish?

What does self-love look like to you?

How to you show your acts of self-love each day?

What are your boundaries? Do these interlink with your writing habits?

By Nadine Plummer

An Intuitive Coach who provides therapeutic writing practices/talking therapies to aid women of colour personal development. Through sisterhood and person-centered approaches Nadine Plummer is able to help her clients heal, grow and thrive collectively and individually.