Podcast Interview – ‘Word of Mouth’ (hosted by Rio Merrix)

In todays episode, I sit down with my friend, Nadine Plummer. Founder and creator of NPNARRATIVES, a space where women can come and share in safe (virtual) setting to practice all things wellbeing, self worth and self acceptance. Using techniques such as journal prompts, affirmations and wellbeing courses (+ lots more). Today we talk about…… Continue reading Podcast Interview – ‘Word of Mouth’ (hosted by Rio Merrix)


From entanglements to detangled rhythms, I allow myself to be free in the comfort of this room. Permitting foreign objects to invade the four corners of my mind, as I let soapy lather cascade down the sides of my mahogany edges. I sink deeper into the realms of relaxation – releasing the microagressions that cling…… Continue reading 4cMe

We are…

Don’t misinterpret why PoC are “resistant”. We are not “aggressive”, we are fighting for the right to exist. We are not “uncivilised”, we are being denied access to the centre in which out intellect can be recognised as meaningful. We are not “less than”, we are beyond comprehension hence your acts of cultural appropriation. We…… Continue reading We are…

Returning Home to Self

December was almost like a period of hibernation. I stepped away from the chitter-chatter of social media and took some time away to exhale. I stopped plaguing myself with judgements that were founded by those who do not know me, the Nadine that is still on her journey of healing and personal development and instead…… Continue reading Returning Home to Self

Thank You

Thank you for the times you held me up when others would walk past me. Thank you for lending me your war when I had nowhere to express myself. Thank you for holding my hand when I was too fearful to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you for those kind words that made…… Continue reading Thank You