Black, Single and Ready to Mingle at 30 pt1

This fun episode will definitely give you some light relief after a very testing year! This Outspoken October segment focused on the trials and tribulations of dating in your 30s and beyond. I sat down with one of my besties, Naomi, to speak on all things dating, relationships, marriage, sex and more!

Explicit language and adult themes were discussed throughout this episode so please refrain from watching with a younger audience.

Let’s Talk

What has lockdown made it difficult to date?

dating looked like for you in your 30s? How similar or different is it from when you were in your 20s?

How long have you been dating for? Do you use dating apps?

What does an ideal date look like to you?

By Nadine Plummer

An Intuitive Coach who provides therapeutic writing practices/talking therapies to aid women of colour personal development. Through sisterhood and person-centered approaches Nadine Plummer is able to help her clients heal, grow and thrive collectively and individually.