The Founder, Coach, Facilitator & Creative

Nadine Plummer prides herself on being a woman of integrity, compassion and empathy. In 2020, she decided to intentionally connect with other Black/Brown woman in the hopes of creating a solid foundation of sisterhood and support. Through her years of writing she made beautiful connections that led to amazing opportunities and/or budding friendships. Her conversations with women who looked like her and reflected her experiences led to Nadine’s decision to marry up her love of writing, desire for community and acts of service together. From applying her lessons learnt through her own personal traumas and triumphs, Nadine was able to cultivate a space that offers inspiration, realisation, manifestations, empowerment, healing and comfort to other women of colour. What had started out as a creative hub of poetic pieces has transformed into the sisterhood; one that holds space for melinated sistas whilst keeping the in alignment with all the versions of themselves, therefore allowing them to heal, grow and thrive collectively and individually. The transformation that has taken place during the first year of NPN has been epic. Nadine has already helped over a hundred women elevate to the next level of their personal development journeys, and continues to make great strides in providing services (courses, workshops, and resources) that gifts Black/Brown women with new ways to honour the beautiful, bountiful beings that they are outside of the generic labels that have been placed upon them.

The Evolution

Through patience, prayer and passion Nadine took a step out of fear and into faith. By understanding the needs, aspirations and limiting beliefs of women of colour and creating safe online/in-person environments for them to thrive in gave Nadine the opportunity to fulfill her purpose as well as offer women who looked like her a chance to realign and come into their own. From poetry to online events, discussions and other therapeutic services NPN truly has something for each woman to resonate and connect with.

The Awakening

The overall intention of NPN is to mindfully support, guide and coach Black/Brown women on their personal development journeys through holistic writing therapies; journaling, affirmation practices and self-mastery work. The services provided by NPN have been specifically curated to support women of colour as they explore and establish their self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love.

The Enlightenment

With Nadine’s support, services and synergy you will walk away from NPN feeling empowered, balanced, nurtured/held, understood, lighter, capable and aligned to your intuition.


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