Get To Know Me Sis

Who Am I


Why I Do What I Do

Hello and welcome to NPNarratives, my name is Nadine Plummer and I am delighted that you have chosen to take the time to explore all that NPN has to offer.

Before you go any further, let me tell you a little bit about myself. From a young age I have found writing to be a powerful tool in my wellbeing arsenal. It has helped me to explore and evolve throughout the years. More than this it has allowed me to connect with various versions of my Self (inner children, future self) as well as with other people. It is through the art of writing, especially journaling and poetry, that I have learnt how to play my part in “doing the work”.

Outside of the scope of writing, I am a mother, wife, masters graduate, daughter, sister and a sista-friend to many. I thoroughly enjoy my roles in life but I do not let them define me. Instead I prefer to flow between the layers of Self and allow my roles to interconnect when and where needed.

My journey of healing and growth has not been easy or comfortable; it has been rewarding as well as a rough ride of resistance, reflections and reminding myself of who I am and where I want to be in the future. I have come to learn that “doing the work” is the intention behind our drive to improve our life, but playing our part in doing the work is where the true impact and change lies. My new found level of understanding and acceptance of Self is what coaxed me into curating a space that would ultimately give other women of colour opportunities to experience what it is to live an intentional and authentic life.

This is what I desire for you Sis, the opportunity to honour, invest and empower all that was, all that is and all that will be You.

I am here to guide, facilitate and coach you into a new phase of your life. Through my intuitive coaching style and nurturing disposition, we will collaborate our way through your seasons of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual maturation.

After my own personal navigation of trials, tribulations and triumphs in life, I made the conscious decision to live an intentional and purposeful life; one that centers itself around cultivating joy, growth and transformation. By taking the time to truly settle into my lived experiences and speaking to other women of colour who can relate to those experiences, motivated me to create a community, a sisterhood, that would reinforce the importance of self-love, self-care, self-awareness, solidarity and support.

As someone who is recognized as a creative, assertive, nurturing, confident, compassionate, empathic and inspirational woman, curating NPN was in alignment with my life’s purpose, which is to help redefine and rebuild the narratives for Black and Brown women who are in a state of lackluster.

I am a firm believer that the best qualification in life is experiencing Life itself. By being a willing and observant student of life has given me the chance, and an abundance of opportunities, to connect with women who look like me and develop writing/talking therapies that resonates at a core soul level.

With this in mind, I can assure you that my teachings are tried and tested, as I do not believe in expecting others to do what I am not willing to do myself; my integrity will not permit me to do anything that would be a disservice to either of us.

My goal is not to “fix you” Sis, its to help you learn how to tap into your own inner power and return home to Self.

NPN gave me the chance to help women like me find there authentic Self, their true definition of Self. This was something that I grappled with for many years, and once I found my answers to the questions that I needed answered, I could not continue on my path without sharing my knowledge and expertise with other sistas.

Another valid and relatable reason for why I do what I do is because of the ways in which Black and Brown women have been silenced, neglected, downtrodden and persecuted for merely existing. We are frequently told to either pit ourselves against one another or to be sat in silence in the corner whilst waiting on others hand and foot when called to do so. For the demographic that NPN offers its services to, it is evident how frequently we are displaced. We are not 18-25 year olds nor are we the stereotypical thuddy-duddies that society portrays us to be if we are over forty. More than this we are from a British background, therefore our US counterparts cannot always cater to our needs due to the nuisances that do not translate in the way we sometimes require them to.

As a women who comes from the generation that functioned before the .com era, I fully understand what it means to feel disconnected from Self; whether that be a lack of understanding of cultural identity, social belonging, childhood experiences and/or historical truths. However in the same breath, I am equally aware of how significant community and sisterhood is as a result of not having the instant opinions of followers. Now is our time to disrupt and dismantle our limited beliefs, change our behaviours and attitudes whilst pouring back into ourselves with such ferocity that we ultimately mature into women who are a force to be reckoned with. This does not mean that we play into the stereotypical performative roles of “the angry Black woman” or the “Sable Venus” caricatures, or even the “Mammy” figures, but what it does means is that my goal is to support you as you blossom into the woman that you were always destined to be. One that is powerful, confident, compassionate, unapologetic, successful, gracious, grateful and beyond their wildest dreams.

Helping you see your Self as a WHOLE Being, that Sis, is my motivation!

How I Can Help You Heal, Grow & Thrive

Now that you have gotten to know more about the woman behind the sisterhood, I am sure that you would like to know how I can help you on your journey towards Self-actualization. My objectives for facilitating you on playing your part in “doing the work” is by coaching you and helping you to identify and underpin your immediate needs whilst offering guidance to encourage you to attain your goals and aspirations. Through various strategies, teachings, methods and approaches which are person, task and strength led we will come together to collaborate in spaces of sisterhood, 1:1s and small intimate workshops/courses.

With the gems of wisdom that I will provide you with you will be able to increase your

self awareness


growth mindset


self acceptance

self love

spiritual connection with your Higher Self

Connection with your Inner Child

Self worth

Opportunities to heal

ability to pour back into your wellbeing cup consistently

your flow of joy, gratitude and abundance within your daily lfe

If you are seeking out new, supportive, affordable and accessible resources to help you indulge and invest in your Self click on the buttons below. Today is the day that you take control over your personal development. Today is the day that you hold yourself accountable for your healing. Today is the day that you are responsible for making that change in direction towards selfhood. Today is the day that you take ownership over your dominion and evolve into the bountiful woman that you are.

Work With Me

If you would like to collaborate and/or hire us to deliver workshops/courses please feel free to make an enquiry via completing our booking form below. We are happy to curate personalised workshops/courses that reflect your needs.