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Honour the woman that you were yesterday. Invest in the woman that you are today. Empower the woman you will become tomorrow.

Welcome to NPNarratives (NPN), a space in which mature women of colour can come to get their fill of empowerment, inspiration and healing. This platform was created by a Black woman for Black and Brown women. This wholesome and nourishing community not only nurtures and enriches you, it also offers you an array of accessible and affordable affirming content/resources that will ultimately have you realigning with your soul’s centre whilst establishing powerful synergies with other women who can relate to your life experiences. Nadine Plummer’s holistic and therapeutic practices will help you to heal, grow and thrive on your journey of selfhood and sisterhood with more ease and less discomfort.

Our Services

Nadine Plummer offers services that support as well as coach you into the next phase of your life. By integrating humanist models with her lived life experiences, Nadine has been able to curate intuitive person/task/strengths centered practices that provide you with an opportunity to tap into, what Nadine likes to call your “inner knowing” with more ease and less discomfort. Ultimately, Nadine provides you with resources and techniques that help you to self-soothe as well as build upon your power of Blackness and womanhood.

The services offered come in the form of membership, workshops, courses and 1:1 Intuitive Coaching.

Each service is tailored to meet the immediate needs of women of colour, such as advocating for Self, building confidence, inner child work, self-mastery, and more.

Through various writing practices, audio recordings, interviews with Black/Brown women from various walks of life, Nadine has been able to intersect the importance of being seen, heard and held for women who look like her.

Our nurturing services are the investments in Self that you have been searching for.

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